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My art reflects my desire to “see” the inner expressive nature of people.  I use color, line, and texture in ways that show emotions and character in my subjects. I am influenced by symbolism in art and am continually attempting to convey a spiritual connection between myself and the images I choose to represent in my art.

My work as a practicing artist and expressive arts educator and consultant allows me the chance to share my love of art with those who are seeking creative opportunities in their lives for growth and healing.  I, too, find that making art is a process of holding on–to an image, a person, a place–and letting go. My intention is to share in healthy creative expression through the act of making art and in encouraging this process with others.

Commissions are accepted and art displayed on this "gallery" page is available for purchase. Part of the proceeds go toward a scholarship fund which provides art supplies to clients with limited finances. Please contact me for more information or to make a purchase.  I don't always get my latest works up onto this website, so please look me up on facebook and instagram to see more of my art, thanks!

“when we create more, we destroy less”

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