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As an Expressive Arts Consultant & Educator,

Souheir Rawlings works as a facilitator for groups or individuals, for organizations and in academic settings.

Examples of Consultant/Educator roles and settings for Souheir include:

  • Facilitating or teaching in a private institute or academic setting

  • Guiding or facilitating individuals seeking to reframe their lives

  • Using the arts to assist a group or individuals exploring personal growth

  • Bringing the arts into schools or the private sector to work with at-risk youth

  • Work with those facing the challenges of physical illness and/or death & dying

  • Work with organizations & leaders to facilitate collaboration & assist in team building

By virtue of this diversity, Consultant/Educator Souheir Rawlings comes from a variety of training backgrounds. It is this background that supports her ability to interact in an ethical and professional manner.

As a member of IEATA (International Expressive Arts Therapy Association), Souheir Rawlings holds to the highest level of integrity and has shown a deep and heartfelt understanding of the ethics involved in working closely with individuals and groups. In aligning with the IEATA mission and in receiving IEATA’s recognition at this level, Souheir is expected to subscribe to a code of ethics required of all registrants, thus ensuring the safety, well-being & profound respect for those with whom she works.

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